Autosampler efficiency through Automation

Autosampler efficiency through Automation
HAVER Autosampler AS6 with HAVER CPA 2-1

The effective combination of dynamic optical particle measurement and automatic sample feeding can expand the measurement capacity of a single shift test laboratory by up to 24 automatic measurement runs and thus deliver far more added value - thanks to the extra data that are generated. The automatic sample recognition operates fully independently after the filling of the material box and stores all the results. The measured data (approved Internet connection required) can be viewed any time and from anywhere. Even further analyses are possible at every location.

The combination of CPA 2-1 and AS 6 is seen as an efficient, semi-automatic support for the laboratory environment. Recognition of individual material samples is done by a scanner, and thus does not require user intervention. Also demonstrated will be an online installation that is able to measure samples in production completely independently. In the case of an online plant, the material samples are automatically taken in production, measured and evaluated.

As is the trend, the operation of the CPA installation may be monitored remotely using a tablet. With approval this of course is also possible via the Internet. This is how monitoring and analysis may be theoretically carried out from anywhere and with the data always available. Demonstrated will be the remote control options using a Windows tablet which is able display all data and show all the analysis options of the very extensive software. Even the entire plant can be remotely controlled if needed.

In addition the HAVER CpaServ software with new features will be presented. Most prominent is the fully configurable and optimized user-surface, which allows users to operate error-free without prior knowledge.

Laser Marking replaces Nameplates

HAVER Test Sieves of first-class quality

HAVER & BOECKER is making the switch – from old-fashion nameplates over to modern laser-marking.

Laser marking features clean, clear and fine lines. Even the finest details are precisely shown. Laser marking are water-resistant, tough against wiping, and can withstand ultrasonic cleaning.

The single graphical elements are marked onto the test sieve frame without contact, thus making the weld-mounted nameplate redundant. One clear advantage offered by the new marking process is flexibility.

For the user the most important information on mesh opening sizes can be designed and sized accordingly so that it is easy to read.

Using the serial number contained in the DataMatrix code, now the test sieves can also be automatically read and thus easily traced back.


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