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Discover the HAVER sieve analysis.

A reliable sieve analysis entails on the highest precision: This not only applies to the analysis itself, but also to sample splitting, evaluation and cleaning. Haver & Boecker is your reliable partner for each of these steps of the sieve analysis process.
The HAVER sieve analysis program for determining particle size distribution offers you individual solutions for analysing bulk material in almost any shape, size and composition. We support you with state-of-the-art technology, extensive accessories and professional advising.

Find out here how our product range provides you with precise and reliable results for the sieve analysis of bulk solids, powders, agglomerates or emulsions.

HAVER sample division

Probenteilung für unterschiedliche Materialien

The choice of the right sample splitter always depends on your requirements. Our sample splitter, which we offer in 2 different sizes and 6 possible throughput widths, is suitable for splitting samples in two. For obtaining small, exact sample quantities, the rotary sample divider is the ideal solution. Here you can choose between three different dividing heads –depending on the input quantity and particle size.

HAVER test sieves

Analysensieb mit Edelstahlrahmen

We offer standardized test sieves for every type of sieve analysis. Our product range includes standard test sieves made of stainless steel as well as test sieves for analysing cereals, or square wooden frame sieves. Whether it’s manual, conventional, dry or wet sieving, the HAVER test sieves let you analyse bulk materials from 5 µm to 125 mm.

HAVER test sieve shakers

HAVER Laborsiebmaschinen zur Analyse von Schüttgut

With our variety of test sieve shakers for dry and wet sieving, you can classify all materials, including agglomerating abrasives and coarse-grained stone. 

The main feature of the HAVER 3D electromagnetic laboratory sieve shaker is the self-adjusting amplitude. It creates integrated solutions for sieve analysis in almost any shape, size and property.

HAVER sieve cleaning

HAVEWR Siebreinigung

Clean test sieves are an essential requirement for perfect sieving results. To remove even the finest particles from the test sieve, you should work with an ultrasonic cleaning unit. Haver & Boecker offers devices for test sieves with diameters of up to 230 mm or up to 500 mm. If you wish to clean several sieves at once, we recommend the HAVER USC 200 Multi for up to 5 sieves with a diameter of up to 200 mm.

You can count on it.

As one of the leading international manufacturers of the finest woven wire cloth, precision is the standard of all things for us. At our site in Oelde, Westphalia, Germany, the mesh is produced and forms the basis for our wide variety of test sieves. Of course each of our test sieves is available in accordance with the common national and international test sieve standards such as DIN ISO or ASTM and with the corresponding test certificates.

Based on more than 130 years of experience in woven wire cloth technology, Haver & Boecker offers you numerous innovative systems for particle analysis in addition to modern solutions for classical sieve analyses. They always set new standards with respect to function, precision and reliability.

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Our products for your application.

Fully automatic and reliable – the HAVER test sieve shakers.

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HAVER CSA evaluation software

HAVER CSA evaluation software

The HAVER CSA software lets you perform PC-based evaluation of your analytical sieving. Document your measurement results for quality assurance and use the extensive data management program to create statistics and evaluations.

Recertification of analysis sieves

Recertification of analysis sieves

We recertify your test sieves with our video analysis system in our own factory laboratory. We measure the number of mesh openings specified by the standard and issue a test seal after certification.

Computer-aided particle analysis

Computer-aided particle analysis 

With the HAVER CPA 2-1, we offer you a laboratory device for the photo-optical analysis of the size and shape of dry, non-agglomerating bulk material particles in the measurement range of up to 30 mm. A digital line scan camera measures and counts all particles in the sample in real time.

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