Particle Analysis

Based on more than 125 years of experience in weaving technology, HAVER & BOECKER offers innovative systems for particle analysis that are continuously setting new standards when it comes to function, precision and reliability. Traditional particle analysis has been a fixed part of Haver & Boecker for over 80 years. In the sector of photo-optic particle analyses with the HAVER CPA, Haver & Boecker is one of the founders of this product category and now has over 20 years of production innovation and experience.


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Traditional Particle Analysis

Overview HAVER Traditional Particle Analysis

Traditional particle analysis comes into play when it is necessary to know the particle size. Quality here often makes the difference when it comes to reliability and long lifetimes.

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Photo-optical Particle Analysis

Overview HAVER Photo-optical particle analysis

The specific properties of materials are becoming increasingly complex and more important. Here HAVER CPA dynamic particle analysis is a solution that is aimed at the future and one that you can count on.

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Particle Analyse in the food industry

From the very beginning Haver & Boecker has played a decisive role in defining the technology of particle analysis. With this area of competence we provide our customers with experience, technology and expertise on everything surrounding particle analysis.

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Products A-Z

Advanced production methods, the expertise of our employees, and outstanding quality assurance guarantee a constant, high level of quality for our products - from A - Z.

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HAVER Particle Analysis in differendt industries