Sieve Analysis of up to 6 kg Sample Weight

W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94 with two sieve sets for dry sieving

W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94
W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94

The W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94 for test sieves up to 203 mm diameter can take 2 sieve sets simultaneously. It reproduces the circular and tapping motion of hand sieving but with an even mechanical action. It is manufactured by W.S. TYLER®, the American subsidiary of HAVER & BOECKER.

  • Simultaneous analysis of 2 samples.

  • The 3D sieving action saves time and manual re-sieving.

  • Enables sieving of agglomerating bulk materials.

  • Easy handling – only sieving time has to be set.



Technical data

 Sieve diameters 200 mm, 203 mm (8")
 Sample weight approx. 2 x 3 kg
 Operating voltage 230 Volt, 50-60 Hertz
 Timer 0-99 minutes
 Taps per minute 150
 Oscillations per minute 278
 Drive electric motor with worm gear
 Sound emission 86 dBA (without sound enclosure cabinet)
 Weight approx. 100 kg (without test sieves)
 Dimensions 750 x 680 x 560 mm (B x T x H)

Application examples for the W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94

  • Diamonds

  • Abrasives

  • Metal powder and metal swarf

  • Powder

  • Tobacco

  • Cacao



Suitable test sieves for your application

It depends on your application which test sieves should be used for sieve analysis with the W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94. It is suitable for up to 12 test sieves with full height or 26 half-height sieves and two sieve pans with a diameter of up to 203 mm (8”) or 200 mm.

Please note that the W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94 without cupboard does not reach the requirements of CE-labelling.We recommend to use a sound enclosure to reduce the sound emission.

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