Sieve Analysis of up to 3 kg Sample Weight

W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-812 for dry sieving

W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-812
W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-812

The American horizontal W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-812 for test sieves up to 305 mm diameter is the lightest test sieve shaker of  HAVER & BOECKER. It does not have the hammer as all other TYLER Ro-Taps and analyses bulk materials of > 0.150 mm with an oscillating motion only.

  • Portable sieve shaker.

Technical data

Sieve diameters200 mm, 203 mm (8"), 300 mm and 305 mm (12")
Sample weightapprox. 3 kg
Operating voltage230 Volt or 115 Volt, 50-60 Hertz
Timer0-99 minutes
Oscillations per minute280
Driveelectric motor with worm gear
Sound emission≤ 70 dBA
Weightapprox. 25 kg (without test sieves)
Dimensions590 x 380 x 330 mm (B x T x H)

Application examples W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-812

  • Industrial rocks and minerals
  • Granulates

Suitable test sieves for your application

It depends on your application which test sieves should be used for sieve analysis with the W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-812. It is suitable for up to 6 test sieves with full height or 13 half-height sieves and one sieve pan with a diameter of up to 203 mm (8”) or 200 mm or 4 full height or 8 half height test sieves 305 (12“) or 300 mm plus sieve pans.

Please note that the W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-812 does not reach the requirements of CE-labelling.

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