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Ultrasonic cleaners
USC 200 S
Ultrasonic Cleaners with to clean test sieves
USC 500 S

HAVER USC test sieve cleaners guarantee that sieves are cleaned thoroughly and gently while at the same time saving energy. They have proved to work outstandingly well in conjunction with the HAVER USC cleaning fluid. USC cleaners are available for cleaning individual sieves and for the simultaneous cleaning of up to five sieves.

Your advantages at a glance

  • The sieves are cleaned thoroughly and gently while at the same time saving energy.
  • Easy handling.
  • Up to five test sieves can be cleaned simultaneously.

Technical data

 USC 200 S USC 500 S USC 200 Multi
 Number of sieves 1 1 5
 Sieve diameter ≤ 230 mm ≤ 500 mm ≤ 230 mm
 Oscillation tank (inside) [mm] Ø 240 x 140            Ø 600 x 245 500 x 300 x 300
 Charge 6 l 57 l 40 l
 Outlet -      Ball valve G 1/2 Ball valve G 1/2
 Outside dimensions [mm] Ø 304 x 335 Ø 650 x 455 560 x 360 x 500               
 Weight 5 kg 21 kg 27 kg
 Operation voltage 230 V - 240 V 230 V - 240 V 220-240 V; 50-60 Hz
 HF-Frequency 37 kHz 37 kHz 35 kHz
 Power consumption total (W) 150 W 600 W 2 x 1000 W/per.
 Ultrasonic power effective (W) 150 W 600 W 4.50 A
 Ultrasonic max. peak power (W) 600 W 2400 W F6A
Sound pressure level (LpAU) 37/80 kHz <70 <70
 allowable surrounding temperature5° to 40°
 allowable relative humidity up to 31°C80 %
 defrosting not  allowablex

Maintenance of HAVER Test Sieves

USC 200 Multi
USC 200 Multi

Test sieves with apertures of 500 µm and smaller should be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. Bater ultrasonic cleaning rinse the test sieve with clear water and blow out the sieve bottom with compressed air. Let the water drip for about 5 minutes and dry the test sieve at 80° - 100°C max. for about 30 minutes.

Remove any remaining particles from the surface of the mesh by tapping the test sieve frame slightly against a rubber or wooden pad. Never remove particles by brushing.

(see ISO 2591-1, DIN 66165, Part 1 and Part 2)

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