Test Sieves with Stainless Steel Frames

Test Sieves with stainless steel frames and openings from 5 micron

HAVER Test Sieve 200x50 mm

Our test sieves with frames made from stainless steel are equipped with woven wire cloth or robust plates with square perforations according to DIN ISO 3310. If you emphazise closer tolerances our "Gold" Test Sieves are perfect. Test sieves with electroformed sheets are mainly used for finest materials with particle sizes from 5 micron.

Conforming to international standards

    Fabricated according to valid standards:
    ISO 3310, ASTM E11, DIN ISO 3310, BS ISO 3310, ISO 5223 etc.

Your advantages at a glance

  • A particularly smooth surface of frames prevents cross-contamination.
  • An extremely stable sieve structure guarantees a long life.
  • The sieve fabric retains its tension exceedingly well even after intensive use.
  • Compatibility with equivalent test sieves manufactured in accordance with current standards.

Technical data

We provide sieve media of electroformed sheets with aperture sizes from 5 micron up to 500 micron, sieve media of woven wire cloth with aperture sizes from 20 micron up to 125 mm and perforated plates made from galvanized steel* with openings from 4 mm up to 125 mm.

*Sieves with perforated plates made from galvanized steel have to be stored in a dry place and must be cleaned and dried after use.


 Diameter [mm]                  50   76,2   100   150   200/203   250   300      305   315   350  400  450 
 Nominal height [mm] 25 25 45 50 32/50 55 30/60 60 75 606570

Application examples for test sieves with stainless steel frames

HAVER Test Sieves

Our test sieves with frames made from stainless steel are suitable both for hand sieving as for dry and wet sieving with all our test sieve shakers.

Bulk material of different branches can be classified and separated with these test sieves.

  • Industrial rocks and minerals
  • Food
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Granulates
  • Powders
  • Fertilizer

    Please do not use alkaline cleaning liquids to clean HAVER test sieves, otherwise the durability and function of the adhesive seam is no longer guaranteed.
    We recommend the HAVER USC cleaning liquid "Mehrzweckreiniger S".

    Here you can order the cleaning fluid in our e-shop...

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