Test Sieves with Beechwood Frames

Test Sieves with beechwood frames with openings from 40 micron

Test Sieves with beechwood frame
Test Sieves with beechwood frame

HAVER Test Sieves with frames made from beechwood are an alternative to our large stainless steel versions. We recommend the easier sieves with beechwood frames for hand sieving of coarser materials.

Conforming to international standards

  • Fabricated according to valid standards:
    ASTM E11, DIN ISO 3310, BS ISO 3310, NF ISO 3310, N ISO 3310, ISO 5223 etc.

Your advantages at a glance

  • A high degree of ability through the strong construction.
  • Moderate investment.
  • Beechwood frame: not as heavy as comparable stainless steel version.

Technical data

We provide test sieves with beeachwood frames with stainless steel woven wire cloth (40 micron up to 125 mm) or with perforated plates made from galvanized steel (4 mm up to 125 mm).

 Beechwood frame

 300 x 300 x 80
 500 x 500 x 80

Application examples for test sieves with frames made from beechwood

The HAVER UWL 400 H was designed with special appliance and clamping system to hold HAVER Test Sieves with beechwood frames.

With these test sieves you can analyse and separate great sample quantities of

  • Industrial rocks and minerals
  • Cereals
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • etc.

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