Test Sieves for special Applications

Special test sieves for cereals, tobacco and aggregates

Test Sieve for cereals
Test Sieve for cereals

We quote the right test sieves also for analysis of cereals and tobacco. They differ from standard test sieves made from stainless steel in most longish holes and the standard. Grid sieves are used for determination of particle shape, flakiness index of aggregates.

Conforming to international standards

  • Fabricated according to valid standards, also for special applications.

Your advantages at a glance

  • A particularly smooth surface of frames prevents cross-contamination.
  • An extremely stable sieve structure guarantees a long life.
  • Compatibility with equivalent test sieves manufactured in accordance with current standards.

Technical data

 Sieves for cereals Sieves for tobacco Grid Sieves
 Dimensions 200 x 32 mm 200/203 x 32 mm 300 x 300 x 75 mm
 Sieve frame stainless steel stainless steel aluminium
 Sieve media

 perforated plates
(stainless steel / galvanized steel) 

 perforated plates (stainless steel) cylindric stainless steel rod bars Ø 5 mm     
 Standard ISO 5223 CORESTA DIN EN 933-3
Test Sieve for Tobacco

Analysis of cereals and tobacco can be made with our HAVER EML 200 digital plus, as these special test sieves are compatible with our standard test sieves made from stainless steel.

Grid Sieves 300x300
Grid Sieves 300x300

HAVER Grid Sieves for determination of particle shape, flakiness index of aggregates are suitable only for hand sieving.

E-Shop Particle Analysis

E-Shop Particle Analysis

With this E-Shop button the required test sieve for cereals, tobacco or grid sieve can be specified.

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