3D sieving machines for sieve analysis of bulk material, powder, agglomerates and emulsions

HAVER & BOECKER is one of the world's leading wire weaving companies. We also produce woven wire cloth for 3D sieving machines for HAVER Particle Analysis, especially for test sieves. Test sieves and sieve analysis machines are prescribed for conventional sieve analysis of bulk material, whereby HAVER Particle Analysis sets benchmarks in quality and diversity. We offer the greatest variety of 3D sieving machines concerning all relevant standards and designs and also laboratory test sieve shakers and virtually indispensable accessories for a complete sieve analysis.

HAVER / W.S. TYLER® 3D sieving machines

With our variety of 3D sieving machines for dry and wet sieving all materials can be classified, also agglomerating grinding material and coarse-grained products. The self-readjusting amplitude is the main feature of HAVER 3D laboratory sieve shakers with electromagnetic drive. Main feature of almost all W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® sieve analysis machines is the mechanical circular and tapping motion.

Application examples for our 3D sieving machines

  • industrial rocks and minerals
  • food
  • glass
  • ceramic
  • granulates
  • fertilizer and seeds
  • cat litter
  • soil testing
  • cereals

Selected products of our range of 3D sieving machines

3D laboratory sieving machine HAVER EML 200 digital plus for dry and wet sieving

The HAVER EML 200 digital plus for test sieves with diameters of up to 203 mm can be used for dry and wet sieving of 3 kg bulk material maximum. It is the smallest laboratory sieve shaker with an electromagnetic drive of HAVER & BOECKER. You can set and store sieving time, interval and amplitude for reproducible sieving results.

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3D Sieving machine HAVER UWL 400 for dry and wet sieving

3D sieving machine HAVER UWL 400 for dry and wet sieving
3D sieving machine HAVER UWL 400 for dry and wet sieving

The HAVER UWL 400 for test sieves with frames made from stainless steel or beechwood is designed for dry or wet sieving with coarse sample material. This most powerful test sieve shaker of HAVER & BOECKER is driven by two rotary current unbalanced motors to produce a three-dimensional sieving action.

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W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94 with two sieve towers for dry sieving

W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94
W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94

The W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-94 for test sieves up to 203 mm diameter can take 2 sieve sets simultaneously. It reproduces the circular and tapping motion of hand sieving but with an even mechanical action. It is manufactured by W.S. TYLER®, the American subsidiary of HAVER & BOECKER.

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Accessories and spare parts for 3D sieving machines

Accessoires and spare parts
Accessoires and spare parts

HAVER & BOECKER provides a comprehensive range of accessories and spare parts relating to all 3D sieving machines for dry- and wet-sieving:

  • HAVER UFA Ultrasonic Frequency Variation for Test Sieves
  • Sieve pan for dry and wet sieving
  • Retrofit kit for dry and wet sieving
  • Clamping system
  • Sound Absorbing Cupboards for HAVER 3D sieving machines

Reduction pieces

Due to corresponding reduction pieces all test sieves with frames made from stainless steel can be used for mechanical sieving. Test sieves with a diameter of 50 mm with the HAVER EML 200, test sieves with 200 mm diameter with every HAVER 3D sieving machines.

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Product Services

Test sieves, 3D sieving machines and the HAVER CPA systems are test and measuring devices which, according to DIN EN ISO 9000 ff, must be certified, and regularly monitored and checked in operation. For this reason, we provide comprehensive test certificates and service for ongoing regulation-compliant quality assurance.

Control of Test Sieve Shakers

We test the operation, safety and condition of your 3D sieving machines, either in our laboratory or directly on-site. The units are subjected to comprehensive system diagnostics and functional tests. These are used to determine and, if necessary, readjust the amplitude characteristics. Following successful testing, we issue an Inspection Certificate 3.1 in accordance with DIN EN 10204. If we find unacceptable deviations and faults, we will provide you with a cost estimate for repairs and restoration. We recommend the control of a frequently used 3D sieving machines every two or three years.

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