CSA Software for digital evaluation of sieve analyses

CSA Software for digital evaluation of sieve analyses

HAVER & BOECKER is one of the world's leading wire weaving companies. We also produce woven wire cloth for HAVER Particle Analysis, especially for test sieves. Test sieves and test sieve shakers are prescribed for conventional sieve analysis of bulk material, whereby HAVER Particle Analysis sets benchmarks in quality and diversity. We offer the greatest variety of test sieves concerning all relevant standards and designs and also laboratory test sieve shakers and virtually indispensable accessories for a complete sieve analysis. And, of course, we can deliver our own appropriate CSA Software for the evaluation of your sieve analysis.

HAVER CSA Software

The HAVER CSA Software 5.0 enables PC-aided analysis of standard sieve systems. Three versions of this CSA software are available which differ in the scale of functions. The results of measurements are documented for quality assurance purposes and can be introduced within the CSA software into statistics and reports due to the complex data processing.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Simple and precise reports within the CSA Software.
  • User friendly and self-explanatory user interface of the CSA Software.
  • Complex graphical display and detailed documentation.
  • CSA Software 5.0 Works under the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.0.
  • Connection of different types of scales and test sieve shakers.
  • Report Designer allows own design of the test.
HAVER CSA Software

Application area of HAVER CSA Software

The HAVER CSA Software is suitable for many different industries, from preparation engineering to pharmacy.

As AFS-numbers, which are calculated with the EXPERT and NETWORK versions of the CSA Software, are important for the foundry industry, we mention this application area separately.

Technical Data

Input of sieve sets, materials and customers; Analysis report; Protocol (ISO 2591c+ ISO 66165) Particle Size account (ISO 66141)xxx
Statistic functions, e.f. for materials and customersxx
Expanded account, Example: Sauter mean diameterxx
Account of AFS-numbers according to VDG-data sheetxxx
Definition of particle limits; Loading of comparable dataxx
Graphics: RRSB-Net, cumulative oversize distribution curvexxx
Data bank functions, Example: searching and reportingxx
Data export to Excelxx
Import of aged dataxx
Take over of external data in the context of LIM´s-systems; Example: samples and batch numbersx
Transfer to external systems (LIMS) by txt-data-connectionsx
The systematic logging and analysis of all processes (audit trail)xx
Automatic data storage (different modes - daily/monthly)xx
User management with authorization asignmentxx

Free Test Version of the CSA software

Test the HAVER CSA NETWORK for one month free of charge.

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Additional products for sieve analysis

HAVER Test Sieves

We provide test sieves conforming to standards for every kind of sieve analysis, for example standard test sieves made from stainless steel, for analysis of cereals or with square frames made from beeachwood. Hand sieving, conventional sieving, dry sieving or wet sieving: Analyse bulk material from 5 micron up to 125 mm with HAVER Test Sieves.

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HAVER / W.S. TYLER® Test Sieve Shakers

With our variety of test sieve shakers for dry sieving and wet sieving all materials can be classified, also agglomerating grinding material and coarse-grained products. The self-readjusting amplitude is the main feature of HAVER 3D laboratory sieve shakers with electromagnetic drive. Main feature of almost all W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® units is the mechanical circular and tapping motion.

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HAVER Cones for determining the absorption capability

HAVER Cones are used for determining the absorption capability of granular products based on the Westinghouse method.

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