Sieve Analysis of bulk material, powder, agglomerates and emulsions

HAVER & BOECKER is one of the world's leading wire weaving companies. We also produce woven wire cloth for sieve analysis for HAVER Particle Analysis, especially for test sieves. Test sieves and test sieve shakers are prescribed for conventional sieve analysis of bulk material, whereby HAVER Particle Analysis sets benchmarks in quality and diversity. We offer the greatest variety of test sieves concerning all relevant standards and designs and also laboratory test sieve shakers and virtually indispensable accessories for a complete sieve analysis.

The HAVER Test Sieve range provides the optimum design for every operational requirement. In combination with corresponding test sieve shakers of HAVER & BOECKER and the American subsidiary W.S.TYLER they provide integrated solutions for the sieve analysis of products of almost every shape, size and consistency.

HAVER Produkt Portfoliio der Siebanalyse

Our product range is your advantage

We offer the whole equipment for a complete sieve analysis:

  • test sieves with stainless steel frame, test sieves with beechwood and aluminium frames, test sieves for cereals, tobacco and grid sieves, ultrasonic cleaning baths
  • sieve analysis machines for dry and wet sieving of agglomerates, bulk material and powder--computer-guided software for evaluation of sieve analysis
  • equipment for special applications

HAVER Test Sieves

Product range of HAVER test sieves

We provide test sieves conforming to standards for every kind of sieve analysis, for example standard test sieves made from stainless steel, for analysis of cereals or with square frames made from beeachwood. Hand sieving, conventional sieving, dry sieving or wet sieving: Analyse bulk material from 5 micron up to 125 mm with HAVER Test Sieves.

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HAVER / W.S. TYLER® Test Sieve Shakers

Product range of sieve machines for bulk material

With our variety of test sieve shakers for dry sieving and wet sieving all materials can be classified, also agglomerating grinding material and coarse-grained products. The self-readjusting amplitude is the main feature of HAVER 3D laboratory sieve shakers with electromagnetic drive. Main feature of almost all W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® units is the mechanical circular and tapping motion.

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HAVER CSA evaluation software for sieve analysis

The HAVER CSA software enables PC-aided sieve analysis of standard sieve systems. Three versions of this software are available which differ in the scale of functions. The results of measurements are documented for quality assurance purposes and can be introduced into statistics and reports due to the complex data processing.

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HAVER Cones for determining the absorption capability

HAVER Cones are used for determining the absorption capability of granular products based on the Westinghouse method.

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Product Services

Test sieves, test sieve shakers and the HAVER CPA systems are test and measuring devices which, according to DIN EN ISO 9000 ff, must be certified, and regularly monitored and checked in operation. For this reason, we provide comprehensive test certificates and service for ongoing regulation-compliant quality assurance for sieve analysis:

Inspection documents according to EN 10204

TypeDocument contenct
Declaration of compliance with the order 2.1Statement of compliance with the order.
Inspection certificate 3.1
Statement of compliance with the order, with indication of results of specific inspection.

Calibration certificate according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025

Ever increasing tougher demands that go beyond the normal standards are now being placed on the reliability of test sieves in an increasing number of application areas. Haver & Boecker meets these demands and, since June 2013, has become Germany’s first accredited calibration laboratory for test sieves of metal wire cloth as to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. The calibration certificates for test sieves of metal wire cloth serve as proof of conformance to national and international standards and are recognised internationally by the signatory states within the scope of conventions (EA, ILAC, etc.).

Control of measuring devices

We test the operation, safety and condition of your test sieve shakers, either in our laboratory or directly on-site. The units are subjected to comprehensive system diagnostics and functional tests. These are used to determine and, if necessary, readjust the amplitude characteristics. Following successful testing, we issue an Inspection Certificate 3.1 in accordance with DIN EN 10204. If we find unacceptable deviations and faults, we will provide you with a cost estimate for repairs and restoration. We recommend the control of a frequently used test sieve shaker every two or three years.

R&D Lab

We are pleased to present our devices for particle analysis in practice and to make first analyses with your samples. Visit us in our fully equipped R&D Lab at the location of HAVER & BOECKER Wire Weaving Division. Together we can analyse your brought samples on-site with our computerized particle analysers or our test sieve shakers.

Please arrange a meeting with us - we look forward to your visit.

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Sample Analysis

Should you not be sure which system of sieve analysis or photo-optical particle analysis is the best one for your product, just send us your sample. We analyse this in our R&D Lab and provide you our report.

For sample sieve analyses and CPA samples please take a look at "We have measured for you".