Recertification of test sieves

The standard DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. prescribes the regular monitoring of test equipment. This includes test sieves that are used as testing or measuring equipment. This also includes test sieves which, according to ISO 3310-1:2016, are measuring instruments.

  • We offer our customers the possibility to recertify test sieves with our screen analyzer in our plant laboratory.
  • Depending on the requirements, the protocols are issued according to the standards DIN ISO 3310-1, ASTM E11, ASTM E323 or ISO 9055.
  • After successful testing, the test sieves receive a test seal from us.

  • For documentation within the scope of quality assurance, the customer receives an acceptance test certificate 3.1 for each tested test sieve in accordance with DIN EN 10 204.Inspection documents according to EN 10204

    • During certification, we measure the number of meshes specified in the standard.
    • During calibration, three times more meshes are measured.

Recertification and the calibration procedure carried out guarantee traceability to the national measurement standards.


Possibilities of the test certificates:

  • Recertification of sent in test sieves according to DIN EN 10 204 with acceptance test certificate 3.1.
  • Recalibration of returned test sieves according to DIN EN 10 204 with acceptance test certificate 3.1
  • Recertification of returned test sieves with calibration certificate according to DIN EN ISO / IE 17 025 (only for test sieves with metal wire mesh)

Would you like to send us used test sieves please note that :

  • The Test Sieves have to be cleaned by the customer.
  • The Test Sieves have to be free from any contaminations.
  • When sending in used test sieves please submit a declaration of no objection.

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