Control of Test Sieve Shakers

We test the operation, safety and condition of your test sieve shakers, either in our laboratory or directly on-site. The units are subjected to comprehensive system diagnostics and functional tests. These are used to determine and, if necessary, readjust the amplitude characteristics. Following successful testing, we issue an Inspection Certificate 3.1 in accordance with DIN EN 10204. If we find unacceptable deviations and faults, we will provide you with a cost estimate for repairs and restoration. We recommend the control of a frequently used test sieve shaker every two or three years.

With HAVER CPA devices safely through the year.

Our service engineers carry out the annual maintenance and calibration on-site in your company. They clean the functionally relevant components, check the function and make any repairs that might be necessary. The warranty period for our maintenance is maximal one year. An inspection certificate 3.1 according to DIN EN 10204 is the proof for the made maintenance and calibration. You will have a financial advantage choosing a maintenance contract and additional advantages for service and warranty with a service contract.

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