Sieve Analysis

Which aperture size complies with ASTM No. 230?

ASTM number 230 = 63 micrometer [µm].

All ASTM-numbers and the corresponding aperture sizes are listed in the International Test Sieve Comparison Table, column 8 and 9, designed by HAVER & BOECKER.

Which accessories are included when buying a HAVER test sieve shaker?

For dry sieving: 1 cover with inspection glass, 1 clamping system, 1 external special plug-type connector in shielded enclosure (only for 110 Volt)

For wet sieving: 1 cover with inspection glass and wide spreading spray diffuser, 1 clamping system, 1 water plug with socket and 2 hose clipses, 1 PVC-water hose (3 lin. m), 1 external special plug-type connector in shielded enclosure (only for 110 Volt)

Which sieve diameter and sieve height are relevant?

The relevant information is the inner diameter D1 at the upper sieve frame and the nominal height H1 from the sieve bottom to the upper edge of the frame.

Are the HAVER test sieves compatible with test sieves of other manufacturers?

Our HAVER standard test sieves are compatible with comparable sieves of other manufacturers and can be used together with these in one sieve tower. But there is one exception: our test sieve with a diameter of 300 mm has an effective inner diameter of 297.50 mm and is not compatible with other sieves.

Is it possible to use the HAVER test sieve shakers for dry and wet sieving?

All test sieve shakers with an external control can be used for dry and wet sieving. For wet sieving you need a sieve pan with discharge nozzle and a cover with wide spreading spray diffuser.

The HAVER EML 200 Pure and EML 200 Premium can be only used for dry sieving as it has an internal control. But if you need this smallest test sieve shaker for dry and wet sieving we recommend the HAVER EML 200 Premium Remote for wet sieving. With the correct sieve pan and machine cover this can also be used for dry sieving.

What are my options for sieve cleaning?

The most gentle and effective cleaning is by means of ultrasonic cleaning device. We recommend the HAVER USC cleaning liquid "Mehrzweckreiniger S".
Please do not use alkaline cleaning liquids to clean HAVER test sieves, otherwise the durability and function of the adhesive seam is no longer guaranteed.