Dynamic Image Analysis

How to store the analysis results?

The HAVER CPA analysis results can be stored locally (hard disk) or in the network. The HAVER CpaServ software enables the comprehensive administration of the data and is similar to the format of the Windows interface. Moreover, the results can also be used and stored in external programs (Excel, Word) or databases by means of text-export or "copy and paste".

How can I be certain about the correctness of the results of photo-optical particle analysis by means of HAVER CPA systems?

The answer lies in the HAVER CpaServ Software with the integrated particle list. This allows a visual and scaled picture of all particles. The table lists each single particle with diverse measurement and analysis values of particle size and particle shape.

(Please also read the following report: "Particle size analysis as standard")

What is the type of light source? Is it a laser?

No, the particles are detected in the backlight of a harmless LED lighting array.

Which resolution or rather which particle size range can be realised via CPA devices?

We offer different CPA devices for different materials / particle sizes. Our product range covers a particle size range from 0.010 mm to 400 mm.

Enables the CPA systems a simple handling?

The CPA devices and peripherals allow an intuitive and uncomplicated handling as well as the CPA software “HAVER CpaServ”. This offers a lot of illustration facilities and however it is clear and easy to handle in the administrator or user mode, depending on the user.

Why does the line scan camera scan the bulk material or rather the particles against the background of a lighting array and doesn’t take a picture of them?

All particles in every size are detected once over the whole feeder width and evaluated in real time (HAVER REAL TIME). A double or no registration of particles can be eliminated so the CPA devices can be used as particle counters as well. The detection is effected in a focal point near the feeder so there is no problem of different particle fall velocities and the correct detection is ensured. Due to the scanning process the vertical adjustment is not of elemental importance as the material can also be correctly measured if the material is separated on the feeder before. For this technology a low-maintenance and energy-saving LED lighting array with a compact design is used so every CPA system can also be operated in dusty surroundings.