Paint powders and pigment

Each and every one of your products has its own specific properties and thus pose special requirements when it comes to product monitoring. Haver & Boecker stands for premium quality products as well as traditional sieve analysis, and dynamic image analysis with the HAVER CPA technology.Ultrasonic

  • Analyse of Fine particles
  • Ultrasonic Frequency for Test Sieves

Frequently requested products in your area:

The HAVER UFA is especially designed for the sieving of powders at critical particle size cuts of ≤ 300 micron. The screen is excited by means of ultrasonic wave at continuously varying frequency.
HAVER Ultrasonic Frequency Variation
In addition to test sieves for the 200 LS and 200 LS-N we quote the special execution for the e 200 LS with fully automatic sieve detection.
ALPINE Test Sieves
USC cleaners are available for cleaning individual sieves and for the simultaneous cleaning of up to five sieves.
HAVER USC Cleaners