Example: spherical balls

In addition to measuring spheres, determining the share of damaged or broken spheres should be done. Reliable evaluation requires the measurement of all particles without double measurement or unmeasured particles. Here the CPA technology delivers. On this basis, an individual characteristic value on the size and various shape parameters can be configured. Now the user is no longer required to perform a complicated evaluation of the measured data. All relevant information is unified in this characteristic value.

Key Data:

DeviceHAVER CPA 2-1
SoftwareHAVER CpaServ EXPERT
Speres41.992 pcs
Total particles44.156 pcs
Individual characteristic value95.1%

Result / Recommendation:

For assessing or distinguishing between spheres and broken pieces, the HAVER CPA 2-1 offers the technological basis and very good reproducibility. The CpaServ EXPERT software can be perfectly configured using diverse parameters and a variety of analysis options. In daily operation an individual characteristic value provides a reliable result on the share of broken material. If needed the value can be extended at any time. Moreover many additional characteristic values can be configured as desired.