Chicken feed as an example

For feeding chickens a mixture of different raw materials and additives is used. Therefore is an optimal size of the individual solid components important to ensure the best possible feed intake and rapid growth. A classic screening has a major drawback, the components or the flakes produced are destroyed at this point by the forces partially. The CPA Technology enables non-destructive measurement of all components, and the image of a real size distribution.

Key Data:

DeviceHAVER CPA 2-1
SoftwareHAVER CpaServ EXPERT
Measurement time3 minutes
ReproducibilityVery good

Result / Recommendation:

Unlike sieving results, the results of dynamic particle analysis using the HAVER CPA show a size distribution that corresponds to the actual product. Moreover additional measurement values are available from shape analysis and thus help to further define the product more precisely. With these additional measurement values, a constant process optimisation can be achieved. In such as case the result of optimisation is a considerable energy savings in production.