Example for abrasive blasting media

When it comes to surface treatments, various sandblasting agents can be used. In addition to composition and structure, particle size and shape are important evaluation criteria. The CPA cannot only take over for classic sieving, but also for the assessment of shape. This is done rapidly and reliably at the same time. Here a decisive advantage of the CPA technology comes into play. All particles are measured. There is neither doubling nor exclusion. The features of the HAVER CPA unit enable a unique level of reliability and reproducibility, also when it comes to shape analysis.

Key Data:

DeviceHAVER CPA 2-1
SoftwareHAVER CpaServ EXPERT
Measurement time2 minutes
ReproducibilityVery good
Product size60 - 200 µm
Shape analysisCircularity

Result / Recommendation:

The HAVER CPA 2-1 is recommended for measuring sandblasting agents. The CPA Technology guarantees reliable and rapid results for both size and shape analysis. The complete evaluation and documentation can be carried out by the very operator-friendly CpaServ software. Together with its compact hardware, much space is saved in the laboratory and the number of checks is increased.