Shape analysis of particles with HAVER Computerized Particle Anaysis Technology

HAVER & BOECKER is internationally know as manufacturer of systems, machines and sieve media for generations. This experience and a wide know-how of our engineering specialists provided the ideal conditions for development of a new technology in the early 90s: the Computerized Particle Analysis for particle size and particle shape analysis of dry and non-agglomerating bulk material with the dynamic image analysis.

Today HAVER CPA systems for Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA) provide shape analyses with standardised units and customised inline and online solutions with dynamic image analysis for the largest abstract measuring range from 10 micron up to 400 mm. All particles of a sample which lie within the measuring range are analysed and counted in real time due to the approved line scan camera.

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Standardised laboratory units like the HAVER CPA 2-1
Customised industrial units like the HAVER CPA 4-1

HAVER Computerized Particle Analysis Technology for shape analysis

The HAVER CPA measuring process for Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA) is used for the shape analysis of grain of dry and non-agglomerating particles of bulk materials. When fitted with the appropriate HAVER peripherals, this process of shape analysis using the dynamic image analysis can be used as a laboratory, technical centre or online version in different fields: gravel, sand, coke, coal, plastic granules, wood chippings, chemical and pharmaceutical products, fertilizers, foodstuffs and many more.

All HAVER CPA (Computerized Particle Analysis) systems use the dynamic image analysis for digital image processing for the shape analysis of particles. A sample of the material is transported on a feeder to the measurement channel to achieve an optimal metering. A high-resolution digital line scan camera scans the particles in free-falling bulk materials against the background of an LED lighting array. The scanned lines are combined by the CPA to form an endless data record and the shadow projections of the particles are evaluated in real time. The vertically unlimited images of the line scan camera enable such a REAL TIME measurement of the shape analysis and thus the use of all CPA units as particle counting devices.

The line scan camera provides further advantages for the shape analysis: double detection due to individual images overlapping is ruled out, as are partial range detection and mis-measurement of truncated particles.

Furthermore the shape analysis allows the application with conveyors. So the HAVER CPA CONVEYOR systems provide highly precise measurements of e.g. longish materials and best reproducibilities also with small sample quanities.

HAVER Computerized Particle Analysis functional principle
HAVER CPA functional principle
Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA), Computerizd Particle Analysis
Display of the shape analysis of all particles in live-video picture (HAVER REAL TIME)

HAVER CPA 2-1 HR (High Resolution) for particle shape analysis from 10 micron

Particle measurement, Dynamic Image Anaysis (DIA), Particle size and particle shape
HAVER CPA 2-1 HR with Converter

The development of the HAVER CPA 2-1 HR  for Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA) meets your expectations for efficient measurement with the shape analysis of even finest powder in laboratories. Combinated with a dispersion technology for a uniform transportation of material and for breaking up agglomerates the photo-optical particle analysis is a viable alternative to other methods of measuring powders.

Shape analysis mobile and flexible in use

  • Due to the GigE-camera shape analysis can also be operated using a notebook
  • Space saving / little weight
  • Use as a particle counting device

Further advantages at a glance

  • Even powder which is hard to convey can me measured
  • Analysis of all particle sizes and particles shapes in real time
  • Reproducible measuring results of the shape analysis
  • Intuitive handling due to the newest CPA software
  • High speed measuring



Application examples for the shape analysis with the HAVER CPA 2-1 HR

Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA), Computerized particle analysis
Shape and size analysis with the HAVER CPA 2-1 HR

The HAVER CPA 2-1 HR has been specially designed for the size and shape analysis of dry particles from 10 µm. We recommend a completely new modular dispersion technology for a uniform transportation and for breaking up agglomerates. Even powder which is hard to convey can be measured in this way:

Computerized particle analysis, Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA)
  • Quartz sand
  • Coffee powder
  • Metal- and ore powder
  • Electrostatically charged plastic powder
  • Abrasives
  • Food powder