Particle analysis software for shape analysis in laboratories and industry

HAVER & BOECKER is internationally know as manufacturer of systems, machines and sieve media for generations. This experience and a wide know-how of our engineering specialists provided the ideal conditions for development of a new technology in the early 90s: the Computerized Particle Analysis for particle size analysis and particle shape analysis of dry and non-agglomerating bulk material.

Today HAVER CPA systems provide particle analyses with standardised units and customised inline and online solutions for the largest abstract measuring range from 10 micron up to 400 mm. All particles of a sample which lie within the measuring range are analysed and counted in real time due to the approved line scan camera.

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Standardised laboratory units like the HAVER CPA 2-1
Standardised laboratory units like the HAVER CPA 2-1
Industrial Particle Analysis units like HAVER CPA 4-1

HAVER CPA Accessories: Dispersion system and partcle analysis software CpaServ

You prefer a clean discharge of samples after measurement with a HAVER CPA laboratory device or would like to analyse materials which are hard to convey? As in this case you often need the right accessory. Our components, for example the HAVER CPA particle analysis software and the HAVER Dispersion System are optimally matched to our photo-optical test systems for laboratory particle analysis.

HAVER CpaServ - particle analysis software for our HAVER CPA Systems

The HAVER CPA particle analysis software deployed in all HAVER CPA Systems is easy to use and runs under all popular Windows operating systems. It offers a wide range of analysis functions as well as evaluating the measuring results and displaying them graphically.

Expanded shape analysis: Particle list

Using the particle list point, a measurement for all particles of a a particle size and particle shape analysis can be individually considered. The table lists each single particle along with a scaled figure and diverse measurement and analysis values.

Using the function of the particle list, a supplemental manual evaluation can follow. Also fliter values or user-defined classifications of the shape class, for example, can be established as well.

Grain sizes and grain shapes

Thanks to the HAVER CpaServ particle analysis software several measurement results of the bulk material are shown. These include, for example, the volume and number of particle size classes, fractions and a range of means of the size classes with the shape values of the particles. The best-known are, for example, sphericity, circularity and the length-width ratio.

Advantages of the HAVER CPA solutions

  • Measurement of all particles and calculation of all particle shapes and particle size values in real time (HAVER REAL TIME).
  • Freely definable size and shape classes – can also be changed after measurement is done.
  • Tabular and graphical display of the various size and shape parameters.
  • Filters remove foreign bodies from all displays of results.

Further advantages at a glance

  • User friendly and clearly structured user interface of the particla analysis software.
  • Saved results data need little memory.
  • Storing of an extended dataset for virtual measurement, subsequent processing of results and considering all particles (see Applications).

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