HAVER CPA Software

HAVER CpaServ - Software for HAVER CPA Systems

HAVER CpaServ - Software for HAVER CPA Systems
HAVER CpaServ - Software for HAVER CPA Systems

The HAVER CPA Software deployed in all HAVER CPA Systems is easy to use and runs under all popular Windows operating systems. It offers a wide range of analysis functions as well as evaluating the measuring results and displaying them graphically.

Look at the details

  • Measurement of all particles and calculation of all particle shapes and particle size values in real time (HAVER REAL TIME).
  • Freely definable size and shape classes – can also be changed after measurement is done.
  • Tabular and graphical display of the various size and shape parameters.
  • Filters remove foreign bodies from all displays of results.

Further advantages at a glance

  • User friendly and clearly structured user interface.
  • Saved results data need little memory.
  • Storing of an extended dataset for virtual measurement, subsequent processing of results and considering all particles (see Applications).

Technical data

FunctionsHAVER CpaServ

Size analysis through volume (freely definable size classes)

Size analysis through count (freely definable size classes)xx
en/shape-analysis-of-particles/Shape analysis through mean valuesxx
Inputting the limit values for size distributionxx
Characteristic sizes and mean values for particle sizes and particle shapesx


Takeover of old CPA measurement datax x
Copying data over to Excel, Word, etc. (copy & paste)xx
Preparing TXT files as interfaces to other programsxx
Shape analysis via shape classes (e.g. length/width, circularity, sphericity)-x
Freely definable shape classes-x
Inputting limit values for shape distribution-x
Freely definable filter on particle size and particle shape-x
New calculation of existing results (virtual measurement)-x
Particle list (incl. scaled figures of all particles)-x

Expanded shape analysis: Particle list

Using the particle list point, a measurement for all particles can be individually considered. The table lists each single particle along with a scaled figure and diverse measurement and analysis values.

Using the function of the particle list, a supplemental manual evaluation can follow. Also fliter values or user-defined classifications of the shape class, for example, can be established as well.

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