HAVER CPA Technology

The HAVER CPA measuring process is used for dynamic image analysis of grain sizes and grain shapes of dry and non-agglomerating particles of bulk materials. When fitted with the appropriate HAVER peripherals, this process can be used as a laboratory, technical centre or online version in different fields: gravel, sand, coke, coal, plastic granules, wood chippings, chemical and pharmaceutical products, fertilizers, foodstuffs and many more.

HAVER CPA measurement principle

HAVER CPA functional principle

All HAVER CPA (Computerized Particle Analysis) measuring instruments utilize digital image processing technology for the dynamic image analysis of particles. The material sample is optimally dosed by a vibrating feeder whose amplitude is automatically regulated. In the measurement channel the particles fall between an LED light source and a digital line-scan camera and are scanned using the backlight technique as they free fall. The scanning range of the line scan camera is larger than the measurement channel width so that no partially scanned or completely undetected particles at the edges falsify the results.

Unlimited images

Extract from the particle list
Extract from the particle list

The raw data coming from the camera do not form any single images with a certain frequency (fps), rather they generate an unlimited continuous image. Thus technology-related cut-off or double-measured particles are excluded. As opposed to other methods each particle is recorded, assigned an ID, and is saved with all measured values.


Presentation HAVER REAL TIME
The real time evaluation

Because of the employed technologies and the direct communication between the CPA hardware and software, a real time evaluation is possible with HAVER REAL TIME. This does not only include a live video depiction and the real time size distribution, but also all shape distributions can be directly and simultaneously accounted for.

Highest precision particle detection

Highly precise particle size detection
Highly precise particle size detection

The high-tech components and the high resolution used over the entire span of the measurement range allow the highest precision particle detection. This leads to the recording of all particles within the measurement range, and for them to be available in the highest quality and with all details. Also the smallest sample sizes can be measured and provide reproducible results.


HAVER CpaServ Software
HAVER CpaServ Software

The HAVER CpaServ software is the artificial intelligence behind the CPA instruments and allow easy accessibility via the user surface. Using the software, single measurement operations can be defined and checked later by the software and to run automatically. All HAVER REAL TIME analysis data are processed in real time and are made available in a variety analyses and graphical depictions.

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