Fertilizer Qualities Grow

Fertilizer promotes the growth of plants and thus crop yield per hectare can be boosted considerably. Here quality is the decisive criterion when it comes to optimizing fertilizer use. The focus needs to be directed away from price and aimed more at quality improvement.

Due to the additional, increasing requirements with regards to environmental compatibility and protection of streams and lakes, the use of fertilizer and certain fertilizing agents will be even more regulated in the future. Therefore optimized distribution and effect on growth will be increasingly important.

Automatic quality optimization leads to improved resource utilization and energy consumption. Thus production efficiency rises as quality increases. Moreover the new additional recorded data and the wide-ranging evaluation options offered by the software may be used for real innovation in the area of R&D. There is also the opportunity of using new, expanded specifications for putting the product in a whole new class above the conventionally produced products.

  • Optimization potential for energy and resource consumption
  • Variety of data creates benefits for R&D
  • Expanded specifications put products in a class above older ones

The earliest possible check of the specifications or quality is practically mandatory, especially with complex and mostly isolated processes in the chemicals sector. Because of its mentioned unique features, the CPA technology is highly versatile and also can be used in the chemicals sector for a variety of materials and surrounding conditions. By integrating the CPA technology online, a maximally short time is reached between production and test result.
The measurement data therefore can be applied to regulate the production process almost immediately. In order to handle the complexity of the data for the purpose of production control, for example, the CpaServ software offers very easy and individually adjustable characteristic values. These form interrelationships between multiple parameters in a few characteristic values that can be visualized immediately and make misinterpretation practically impossible.

  • Can be used online for process monitoring
  • Can be tailored to suit all surrounding conditions
  • Characteristic values can be individually generated by the user

Added value

The old standards of quality control have long reached their limits when it comes to their validity. New, innovative and premium quality products cannot be adequately specified with traditional  sieve tests, also when it comes to differences with respect to old products. A dynamic particle analysis using the CPA technologies here can lead to completely new possibilities because of their unique features. Measurement produces an image of every particle and, most importantly, takes place non-destructively without physical contact. The vastly comprehensive measurement values that are available for each particle means the production may be monitored on a whole new level. Moreover the additional data offers a more precise specification of the particles and thus the end-product and its quality.

  • Complete, non-destructive measurement of all particles
  • Considerably expanded particle information
  • Allows more precise product specifications

Quality requirements for fertilizer are ever more demanding

Harvest yields need to be optimized, and this is mostly driven by three areas: Sometimes new grain types are cultivated in order to increase the valuable part of the plants.
Additionally the machines that are used are becoming increasingly efficient. The most important factor for large monocultures, however, is an optimized fertilizer application for the plant type, soil and machine spreading. Fundamentally the chemical composition is the most important criterion. Chemistry is certainly the basis, but in practice the particle size distribution is no less important.

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