Abrasive blasting material is challenging

Abrasive blasting materials are available in many compositions and particle sizes for a variety of applications such as cleaning, de-rusting, matting or surface treatment. Here users not only distinguish between the particle size and shape, whether cubic to almost spherical, but also between the conformity and the at times deviation from specified requirements in terms of the quality of the abrasion material.

The requirements can be completely fulfilled with modern production equipment. The challenge here is to reach a precise balance between the many different process parameters. For example for sandblasting material from the (stainless) steel sector, the pressurization in a nozzle substantially depends on the size of the single particles. The melting process then has an impact on the granulation and roundness. And the same applies with other parameters, other products and totally other materials, e.g. ceramics – where here in part also other factors play a role.

Added value

The classic analysis process provides only an incomplete description of the particle and thus the product itself. With the still widespread manual optical evaluations with a magnifying glass and others, it is known how strongly subjective and thus unreliable these are. Therefore only an insufficient basis exists for modern and future products and quality requirements. As a technology basis the HAVER CPA (Computerized Particle Analysis) offers here comprehensive data on the particle shape and size for every particle in a measurement run. The online automated measurement that is possible can consequently also provide more frequent results with a minimal delay.

  • Reliable and objective
  • Each particle is completely measured and recorded
  • Expanded, comprehensive data recording
  • Can be used inline

Individual Solutions

The data and display possibilities and the associated options for analysis are multifaceted. These options offer completely new analysis methods. The very easily generated characteristic values in CpaServ can create very complex data and monitor all relevant components and critical limits for special products. With this method it is extremely easy for anyone to make complex analysis conclusions that go far beyond a rudimentary D50 value. Elevated shares of incorrect shape particles, shifts in particle size or other limit violations in the process are detected immediately and corrective actions thus can be taken at a very early stage.

  • Wide variety of analysis options
  • Comprehensive possibilities for display
  • Individual characteristic values simplify complex analyses

Potential through options and possibilities

The greatly expanded data base now offers possibilities for process control which earlier were thought not possible. The comprehensive database is also tremendously valuable as a development tool. Previously only weakly interrelated data from different measurements and measurement methods could be brought in a relationship. The pre-defined measurement procedures provide for optimum reliability and objectivity.

As a result, relationships not previously known may now be researched and developments derived thereof.
Moreover improved processes do not only offer optimum product quality, but also lead to potential savings in energy and resources. This potential is a very interesting aspect, especially with regards to energy-intensive processes.

  • Extended use in R&D
  • Potential for energy savings

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