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The HAVER CPA Online technology is the optimum basis for a flexible and reliable solution when it comes to computerized online particle analysis. The modules of the particle analyzer are compactly designed and can be integrated almost everywhere. It is also always possible to retrofit it to existing processes. Moreover standard distances of up to 100 meters are possible for the connection between the PC system and the measurement instrument.

The modules are available with various protection classes and, when needed, they also offer customized protection against cold or hot ambient conditions. Customization is possible in almost every application.

The HAVER CpaServ software offers support for the common PLS systems such as Profibus, Modbus and OPC connections. However, also a simple 5-24V data transfer is of course possible. Thus a connection is a mere formality.

Moreover, the software also offers diverse evaluation tools and transfer components, e.g. TXT/CSV-Export. Together with the possible direct control of possibly already existing sample taking systems, the HAVER CPA Online can be operated as an independent system. In this case no process control system or PLS connection is necessary.

The possibilities for connecting the HAVER CPA Online in a production process to act as a testing, monitoring or even a regulating element are varied (e.g. online particle size measurement). While a laboratory instrument makes sense in R&D, an online solution brings a variety of decisive advantages in almost all other scenarios.

In the past the common applications where a HAVER CPA Online control could act as an optimum solution for particle and shape analysis were for incoming goods inspection, production control, and process monitoring. Because of complexity and the greater challenge, process regulation was more seldom.

The benefits from efficiency and reliability are all similar no matter the scenario, but can certainly differ in their weighting. From experience some aspects are of general interest:


  • A decisive and highly interesting benefit when compared to laboratory testing is the extremely shortened time before the test data become available. Here, without involving other aspects, it is possible to implement rapid adjustments to production parameters, which leads to an optimization of mean product quality.
  • The HAVER CPA’s own benefits are another aspect that plays a considerable role in an online application. Here, to name one, is the accurate recognition of each individual particle. This allows a reliable and highly reproducible result - also for the smallest sample sizes.
  • Added value from the comprehensive recorded data may be one single aspect only, but it is one that is becoming increasingly important in an environment of ever more demanding requirements and greater expectations with respect to particle analysis. When in doubt, it is also an investment for the future.
  • Reliability and reproducible results are often required, and are however an aspect that represent progress over manual laboratory analysis. Here the human factor still plays a role.

Practical implementation is easier than most people think, and reliability is a top priority.

A HAVER CPA Online control system can be integrated even under difficult conditions. The CPA 5 CONVEYOR was installed, among other places, at the conveyor transfer position for coke. Constant dust, cold, and heat posed no problems even after years of operation.

The use of IP class protection housings are offered and recommended, but already the basic instrument is reliable without limitation in automatic operation with just minimal care. Both the CPA of the 2 and 4 series are operating in industrial plants for automatic measurement in the chemical sector. Here care is limited to regular light cleaning works. The electronic system is already well-protected in the standard units.


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