HAVER CPA Portfolio

Our wide HAVER CPA product range consisting of expandable units and systems guarantees flexible solutions for all applications. Our inline and online CPA systems have proved their worth with materials in various sectors, whether in the form of standardised laboratory units or customised industrial units.


HAVER CPA 2-1 HR (High Resolution) for particle sizes from 10 micron

The development of the HAVER CPA 2-1 HRmeets your expectations for efficient measurement of even finest powder in laboratories.

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HAVER CPA 2-1 for particle sizes from 20 micron

The HAVER CPA 2-1 is a laboratory unit for photo-optical size and shape analysis of dry and non-agglomerating particles of bulk material in the measuring range up to 30 mm.

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HAVER CPA 2 CONVEYOR for longish particles from 36 micron

The HAVER CPA 2 CONVEYOR has been designed with a conveyor. In particular longish particles in the measuring range up to 45 mm are separated.

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HAVER CPA 2-1 ONLINE for particle sizes from 34 micron

The HAVER CPA 2-1 ONLINE, integrated in the current production, is used for the continuous quality control.

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HAVER CPA 4-1 for particle sizes from 63 micron

The HAVER CPA 4-1 is suitable for particle size and shape analysis of coarse material up to 50 mm. With its robust construction it is designed to handle large sample quantities.

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HAVER CPA 4-2 with 2 measuring ranges for particle sizes from 35 micron

The HAVER CPA 4-2 for large sample quantities is equipped with two separate measuring ranges, whereby it is possible to measure fine and coarse materials.

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HAVER CPA 4 CONVEYOR for longish particles from 93 micron

The HAVER CPA 4 CONVEYOR has been designed with a conveyor to separate longish particles in the measuring range from up to 220 mm.

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