Active assurance in production monitoring


Although the use of traditional sieve analyses is widespread, it is generally known that today, they are no longer represent the state of the art in the monitoring of industrial processes and the evaluation of products.

The automation of industrial production - particularly in the area of control systems - has developed massively. The integration of digital technology is progressing faster than ever before. Entire systems are usually supervised and controlled centrally by only a few persons. The control of a process can only be as good as the knowledge of the process.

The samples taken from five production lines are distributed to three HAVER CPA Online measuring devices.
The samples taken from five production lines are distributed to three HAVER CPA Online measuring devices.

"Control of production is only as good as the knowledge of the process."

It is not feasible to control processes innovatively if the data for monitoring and control are based on traditional sieve analyses. For up-to-the-minute control, all data must be immediately available and integrated into the digital environment. Only data that you collect with the help of digital process monitoring offer exactly these properties. They open up completely new opportunities for controlling production.

Acting proactively

A key advantage of a digital measurement method is the immediacy of the data. Online, integrated optical product monitoring provides you with information on the size and shape of each individual particle. Testing occurs several times per hour. The data are available digitally and fully integrated in the PCS just seconds after the corresponding process step. This enables active regulation of the processes instead of passive reaction based on data, which at best have been captured from previous day’s sieve analysis.

"Acting proactively instead of reacting passively - you only have this option with immediately available data."

In addition, data that are significantly more comprehensive make trend analyses possible, which can, for example, show possible wear with greater reliability and well in advance. Moreover, you can use the data to also determine development potentials.

In principle, the procedure of an analytical measurement is always very similar.
Comparison Traditional and DIA
The data from online monitoring are available to you far more quickly than from traditional sieving.
The potential of an online process analysis lies in the possibilities of shape analysis. Since the data can be determined in real time, no additional effort is required

Taking precautions at an early stage

As a rule, operators of industrial production plants are already aware of the options provided by optical online monitoring. Experience shows, however, that many plant operators do not utilise this innovative technology as long as their system appears to be running smoothly. The obvious benefits are initially only considered as 'nice to have' in investment planning.

"Plant operators often install online monitoring only after something has happened."

The production plant is only modernised after an incident has triggered a major complaint or various batches of faulty production have occurred. Online monitoring then becomes a natural part of the process.

These cases show how worthwhile it is to make a proactive investment in active, optical, online monitoring. With it, you can specifically avoid the risks described above and preventively avoid faulty production.

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